File Alert Monitor

File Alert Monitor is a Windows application, used to generate alerts about the creation, update or deletion of files in specified folders. File Alert Monitor will monitor specified directories on a local or networked PC and will display a pop-up Window or optionally play an audio alert, whenever action is taken on files in the specified folders.

Options within File Alert Monitor allow the user to specify which events (creation, update and / or deletion) are to be monitored. Additionally, users may specify which file types are to be monitored, by specification of the appropriate file suffix(s).

File Alert Monitor is a freeware application, made available by High Criteria. It can be especially useful for transcriptionists, who need must be alerted about the creation of new audio dictation files onto a hard-drive folder.

Download File Alert Monitor V2.0 (recommended) 1,100,800 bytes.
Download File Alert Monitor V2.0 (zip file) 1,072,603 bytes.

File Alert Monitor, watches for the creation or update of files in folders.


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