Accessing the Virtual Court
with a Link Provided by the Court

Accessing the Virtual Court with a Link Provided by the Court

A court will send, usually via email, a temporary link to courtroom participants that allows access to the virtual courtroom for a limited number of days.
A court may also provide an access code that can be used with old-style dial telephones to access the virtual courtroom.

If you use either an Android or iOS device to access the virtual court, you must first download and install the virtual court program onto your device, before clicking on the temporary link.

Follow this link for download and install information for Android and iOS devices.

Courtroom Participants using Temporary Links on a Windows PC

Courtroom participants using a temporary link on a Windows PC must:

  1. Use a PC running Windows 7 or later.
  2. Use standard earbuds or a headset and microphone.
    Earbuds or any headset suitable for Internet phone calls will work with the Virtual Courtroom.
    For the best possible audio, we strongly suggest that you do not use speakers.
  3. Use a standard webcam, if the Court requires video.

To download and run the virtual courtroom program, take the following steps.

  1. Click on the temporary link provided by the court. This will open your browser to a webpage similar to that seen below.

  2. Virtual Courtroom Download Page

  3. Click the "Download LVC" link seen on the page above to download the virtual courtroom program.

  4. When the download is complete, click on "Open" from the drop-down menu to start the virtual courtroom program. You may need to confirm to Windows that you want to run the program.

  5. Virtual Courtroom Open the Program

  6. After the program starts, depending on how the temporary link was generated, you may be prompted for additional information such as your name, case number or role in the hearing. After entering the requested information, click "OK".

  7. Virtual Courtroom Prompt Window

Once connected to the courtroom, the message seen below will appear. You must now be patient and wait for the clerk to begin the hearing.

Please wait for the courtrom clerk.

Contact Liberty Recording for more Information

More details on the Liberty Recorder program can be obtained by contacting Liberty Recording at
905-886-7771 & press 1 or at


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