Recording with Dictation Buddy and the CM-3 Table Microphone

Dictation Buddy may be used with conference table microphones to record board meetings, depositions or court proceedings directly to a wav file on a PC. High Criteria offers the CM-3 Microphone for such applications.

The CM-3 microphone was specifically designed for meeting room recording. With the CM-3, there is no need to pass a microphone around or to miss out on faint voices during play-back of the meeting recordings. The CM-3 plugs directly into a PC's sound card. And with it's unique ability to daisy-chain multiple microphones together, even the longest conference table can be adequately covered to record all parties present.

The CM-3 has a dense body composition combined with large rubber feet to prevent skidding on any surface and reduces the annoying mechanical noises usually associated with conference arrangements. The CM-3 is a so-called "boundary type" microphone, where the hard reflective surface (the conference table) constitutes the boundary. Taking advantage of the natural boundaries has resulted in a small compact design with it's main body fitting in the palm of a hand. For additional intelligibility, the microphone was designed to provide a smooth boost in the frequencies around 3 kHz.

Dictation Buddy and the CM-3 microphone are the ideal combination for recording:

  • Board Meetings
  • Depositions
  • Court Proceedings

Recording solutions including a CM-3 microphone and Dictation Buddy software start at around $100 US. Please contact High Criteria at 905-886-7771 or through email at for additional details.


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