Re-Recording Using Dictation Buddy

Dictation Buddy can be used to record from other devices such as a cassette recorder, a dictaphone or any audio output device. Recordings may be made from either the mic or line-in jacks on the PC's sound card (View==>Options==>Recording==>Input Line). Most recording devices provide an output jack for an earphone or a headset. In order to re-record from another device, you should obtain a cable that can connect your sound output device to the sound card on your PC. The jack at one end of this cable must fit the earphone / headset jack on the sound output device. The other end of the cable, must fit the mic or line-in of your PC's sound card. You can probably obtain such a device from any local electronics store.

Connect the earphone / headset output jack to the mic or line-in using the cable. You may now begin to record, by clicking the Dictation Buddy Record button. The mic and line-in ports each expect slightly different types of audio sound. Try each of these jacks to determine which works best with your other recording equipment. Don't forget to set the Dictation Buddy options to the appropriate input jack (View==>Options==>Recording==>Input Line).


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