Liberty Virtual Courtroom Program

Program Download, Install and Settings for Permanent Remote Participants

Liberty Virtual Courtroom Permanent Participants Install and Settings

Any party may download, install and use the Virtual Courtroom programs, at no cost.
You must be provided with a permanent id and password by your court.

Liberty Virtual Courtroom Program for Windows 7 and Later

The Liberty Virtual Courtroom program for Windows will run on any Windows PC with Windows 7 or later. Users must:

(A): Use standard earbuds or a headset and a microphone.
Earbuds or any headset suitable for Internet phone calls will work with the Liberty Virtual Courtroom.
Do not use speakers, you must use earbuds or a headset.

(B): Use a standard webcam, if the Court requires video.

(C): Download and install the Liberty Virtual Courtroom for Windows program from this link onto your Windows PC.

(D): You must obtain an id and password. You must obtain such an id from your court.

After you have installed the Liberty Virtual Courtroom program, at minimum, you must specify the appropriate Conference Server along with your id and password into the program Options. Go to View => Options in the Virtual Courtroom program and then go to the "Connection" tab.
Enter the name of the conference server, and your id and password provided to you by the courts.

You may also watch the video provided below to see how the program must be configured.

Liberty Virtual Courtroom Program for Android System 5 and Later

Download and install the Liberty Virtual Courtroom program from this link onto your Android computer.


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