Liberty Recording Solutions

Digital Audio / Video Recording for Police Interview Rooms,
Courtrooms, City Councils and other venues.

Liberty solutions include applications that record and stream audio and video for courtrooms, police interview rooms, city councils and corporate meetings along with dictation and transcription programs.
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Liberty Digital Court Recorder records courtroom proceedings and replaces tape systems like the Sony BM246.
Liberty Police Interview Recorder records custodial interviews and interrogations for police and other law enforcement services and replaces VHSs and DVRs.
Player Programs are no-cost programs that play-back audio/video files recorded by the Liberty Recorders.
Players are available for various operating systems including Windows, Mac and iPads.
Liberty Meeting Recorder records city and town councils, assemblies and meetings, where agendas and minutes are saved in Microsoft Word documents.
Liberty Presentation Recorder for capturing and streaming both the venue and the presentation PC's desktop during educational and corporate training sessions.
Dictation Buddy and Transcription Buddy are programs for PC based dictation, recording phone calls and playback transcription.
VEC Infinity USB Foot Pedal Control audio playback for transcription.


2DCR File Conversion Program is used to convert DVR-DVDs and other files into .dcr format files.
DCR File - Audit Report Program is used to generate audit reports on accesses to DCR files.
Liberty Disk Manager is used to monitor for minimum amounts of free space and out-of-date files.
File Alert Monitor is used to provide alerts about the creation, update or deletion of files on a PC.


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Liberty Police Interview Recorder V2.7 Now Available
Liberty Court Recorder V6.5 Now Available
Liberty Police Interview Recorder V2.6 Now Available
Liberty Support for Panasonic IP Cameras
Liberty Court Recorder V6.4 Now Available
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